If you know anything about the way we do things around here, let it be this: I value you and I respect your time. (I guess that’s technically two things.)

I despise the inevitable wait time when I go to my annual checkup at the doctor’s office.  I despise it TEN times MORE when I know I have a patient waiting on me.  We book every appointment strategically in hopes of avoiding asking patients to wait at all.  We value, respect, and appreciate that you’ve chosen Lineberger Dentistry, and we know your time is important.

So, we won’t ever ask you to wait on us.

How we make that happen: I’ve consciously allotted more time into my overall schedule and into each appointment. It’s two-fold: Allotting more time in the schedule for each appointment provides a cushion, so we’re not stacking appointments on top of each other leave you waiting in the wings AND I’m able to take the right amount of time to  chat with you during your appointment.  I don’t want you to feel rushed in either your services or our conversation, so I’ve built in time for us to get to know each other.  

For me, vibe is everything; I don’t want people dreading the dentist, so we’ve designed an experience and an environment – a vibe – to debunk every urban legend or old-school tradition about dentistry and to squelch any fear you’ve got.

In this context, we’re debunking the image of you sitting and looking at just the pictures in those waiting room magazines and the notion that we’re just trying to get as many patients in and out as possible.

You won’t have either of those experiences here. And that is entirely intentional.

You’re invited to vibe with us. Start here.