Real eyes realize real lies, so I’ll just lay it out.  Going to the dentist is a REALLY personal experience. And it’s scary for most people.  I feel you.

Which is why you should 100% know who your dentist is, both professionally and personally, and know what makes his or her practice not just different from others in the industry – but a unique, personal experience for you and the fam to dig and look forward to.  Or at the very least, we’ll make sure your dental anxiety is alleviated.

So, this is how we represent on the daily; four things that make Lineberger Dentistry, well…Lineberger Dentistry.

We’ve designed an unforgettable vibe.  

I have a pretty eclectic music taste; I was raised listening to The Beatles, but my first love is hip-hop.  So, the office playlist will go something like this: Chance the Rapper, James Taylor, Keith Sweat, Bob Marley, J Cole, Chris Stapleton, Bone Thugs. Why does this matter in the world of dentistry? Personally, music makes or breaks my day.   I’ve worked in offices that played AWFUL music, and I swear it adds three hours to the day.  My thought is this: play music people actually enjoy, and they’ll either be wanting the hygienist to slow down in order to vibe a bit longer, or it’ll be a song that plays that brings on some dope nostalgic memories, and gets them through something they may not be enjoying very much.  If a patient SOMEHOW isn’t feeling my vibe or music selection, no worries – we have Bluetooth headphones they can sync to their iPhone or sit back and catch up on some Game of Thrones, Veep, or Orange is the New Black.  So….please, don’t kill our vibe 😉

We’re in a relationship. There. I said it.

I cherish the relationships I form with my patients. I’ve met so many cool people and families through dentistry, many of whom I hang out with personally. They’re friends. They’re family. I want every person who walks through our doors to feel as close as family.  It’s THE integral part of our practice philosophy that I’m not sure I could do without, or would want to for that matter.

We stand for the 704.  

I love being a proactive stand for this community – whether that’s the Elizabeth neighborhood or Charlotte as a whole.  

Part of “community” for me is constantly weaving myself into the very fabric of it.  Poetic, I know.  I’m not a Charlotte native, but this is the first place I call HOME with no hesitation. I feel such a deep, personal connection to #CLT after just four years.  The only way I can explain it – this is where my family and I as well as my professional practice, are meant to lay down roots.  I show up to serve and support – my office is less than half a mile from our home because I knew I wanted to work and live in the same neighborhood; I wanted patients to know that if there was an emergency, I got their back in five minutes flat. (I timed it.)  

I think it’s dope to be able to  see patients out and about, get to know them personally, and I love to support or sponsor local events or organizations that are critical to Charlotte’s growth.   

I am the guy you see on #socialmedia.  

As my boy Drake wisely states, “Know Yourself”.  This whole process has allowed me to sit back, and create something that reflects who I am personally and become something I can be proud of, and it’s been flames – I’m the voice and vision behind all Lineberger Dentistry social media, and take pride in what I put out there.

I’ve been able to connect with some amazing people through Charlotte’s social media scene – Instagram, in particular.   It’s a simple, fun (not to mention it’s free) way for potential patients/friends to get to know me on a more personal level, as well as a dentist. What a time to be alive.  My IG is all me.

Get to know us here. Then, hit us up to say yo or to schedule an appointment