#DentalHeathTruthUno: Your fear of the dentist…is entirely normal.

Think on this for a second: We’re asking you to step way outside your comfort zone, all while you really have no idea what exactly we are up to.  What makes it even scarier though is when we, as dentists, ask you to step outside your comfort zone as you’re saying to yourself, “who the hell is this guy?” Or you feel as if we don’t know have your best interests in mind.

Dentistry is pretty damn personal –  For me, my goal is to meet you halfway – if you’re willing to step outside your comfort zone, I’ve got your back as a friend and a dentist – both are crucial to your happiness and health.

Here’s one solid tip to make that dental appointment a little more predictable…

#DentalHealthTruthDeuces: Prevention is better than cure.  

Yes, that means brushing daily; flossing regularly. But, let’s keep it simple and allow us to suggest to just schedule an appointment EVERY 6 months for a cleaning and exam just like you would with your GP.

It’s science, really; there’s a certain amount of plaque, tartar, bacteria buildup that will accumulate no matter how bad ass of a brusher and flosser you are. And on top of that, with a regular cleaning schedule, the dentist can catch any potential problems before they become problematic – before you feel super nervous or before you need more expensive and complicated treatment.

Easiest way to stay on track?  Get on the books for the next appointment before you leave.


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