We accept and file any and all dental insurance you or your family might already
have through work. Hey, keep it simple. We get it.

BUT, we want to offer you something special: We teamed up with experts in the field to
design an exclusive alternative to dental insurance that not only covers and
protects you and your family, but also makes your dental health a lot easier,
more affordable, and uber-local.

Meet the Lineberger Dentistry “Members Only” Savings Plan.

The Cliffs Notes version:

$29.99/MONTH for first member of the family

$24.99/MONTH for each additional family
member who is age 18+

$19.99/month for each child who is under age 18

*15% discount if paid in full for the whole year up front.*

First, two truths and a lie:

Truth: Dental insurance is confusing.

Truth: Dental insurance is NOT cost-effective.

Lie: It always has to be like this. There is no alternative. (Again, that’s a lie. Not the truth.)

Look, we get it; dental insurance can be confusing and costly; it’s hard to decipher what the insurance
company will cover, or how much they’ll cover, or even if they’ll cover something. .

Lineberger Dentistry is committed to making it as simple as possible for you and your family all while
each of you receives quality, premium dental care from a dentist you can trust…that’s me.

Lineberger Dentistry is pleased to offer you the opportunity to be part of the family through our
exclusive savings program which means you and your family will get exceptional care at an affordable price
without having to fuss with dental insurance.

Here’s why we think this is better than great:

No annual maximum (What’s super special about this: Most dental insurance plans have annual maximums in the range of $1,500 to $2,000 a year before the patient (that’s you, my friend) is solely responsible for ALL incurred fees. Can I be honest with you? That’ll basically cover one crown. (Which isn’t a whole lot of bang for your buck, for real.)

No deductible

No -pre-authorization or approval necessary before a procedure

No fuzzy, “gray area” trying to figure out what’s covered or how much insurance will cover

No waiting period

Cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics includedat discounted rates. Why this is legit: No dental insurance covers any cosmetic (or voluntary) dental work including (but not limited to veneers, bonding, replacing crowns less than five years old, stuff like that.) Ortho will sometimes have some coverage based on the individual plans.

Additional Perio plan available (What the heck is Perio? It’s when a patient is in need of more thorough periodontal treatment. This is usually for older patients with bone loss, gum loss/recession, or if someone has gone a long, long time without a cleaning) We will determine if this is needed at your initial exam.)