Dr. Adrian Lineberger

Born: Chapel Hill, NC

Raised: Grand Rapids, MI

I graduated from University of North Carolina – Wilmington. I lived 50 feet from the beach my last three years, and still somehow graduated in four years total. (Lots of summer school for the obvious reasons.)

I met my wife, Sara, at UNCW; I reserve the right to not tell the story as to how we met…ever. Sara and I got married in May 2007; we moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan shortly thereafter, so that I could attend University of Michigan Dental School.

Sara, a Troutman, North Carolina native, had NO IDEA what she was getting herself into when we moved to Michigan winters. Straight outta dental school graduation, Sara and I literally jumped in the U-Haul to drive back to North Carolina, so that I could pursue a great opportunity with an established dental practice here in Charlotte.

 I learned a lot from the two dentists I worked with at that practice; both were not only amazing clinicians, but also great leaders in teaching the importance of relationships in our line of work. There’s a real person behind those choppers. I respect that.

 The logistics of three practicing dentists in the same, small practice doesn’t always work, so I set out on a personal and professional quest to do what pretty much every friend in the dental field told me not to do – launch a scratch start practice in a major, metropolitan area.


I love Charlotte. My wife loves Charlotte. My three-year-old daughter loves Charlotte, yelling out “there’s the buildings of Charlotte!” every time we loop around 2-77. Charlotte has this odd, strong way of making you feel absolutely comfortable in your own skin from the get-go. I knew I wanted to start this practice here.

4 reasons I knew I could make this work


The strong neighborhood connections fueled in Charlotte are the best of both worlds: a legit, historical neighborhood feel with young, fun families. I grab a coffee from Laurel Market every morning (Note: please stop drinking my Guatemala Antigua); snag take-out from Fenwick’s on the regular; eat at our favorite restaurants with friends weekly.

4 reasons I knew I could make this work


Dentistry is pretty damn personal business. I love the relationship aspect of what I do and those relationships in this city make my practice the unique environment I always wanted to create. I get to establish strong, genuine, longstanding relationships with grandparents, parents, young professionals, families, teenagers. I think a personal relationship is not simply beneficial – it’s crucial.

4 reasons I knew I could make this work


I didn’t want to commute to the rural areas, where all of my dental friends told me I needed to go to start a new practice. I knew that I wanted to be a strong part of the community I practice in – give dental presentations to my kids schools on career day, sponsor local events, see my patients out and about, grab a beer, play some golf. I want to be in my community, and I want this community in my practice, as well; I will do all I can to give back.

i'm trying to do better than 'good enough'.

4 reasons I knew I could make this work


Obviously. I live for this. It isn’t just a hobby like that.


Truth: Biiiiig cocktail guy. Used to crush beers, specifically IPA's on the regular. My body (and wife) eventually said it's time to move on. I landed on cocktails. I enjoy twisting cocktails at home, especially a mezcal sour (go ahead and ask for the recipe if you wish). Love an old fashioned as well, Crunkleton serves the best.


I dig sports. Like – all sports. I played basketball, football, and baseball in high school. I play tennis and golf now. (I’m an old man.) I got DirecTV while in dental school in Ann Arbor, MI for the SOLE PURPOSE of watching the Panthers every Sunday. (Yes, even through the David Carr, Matt Moore, Vinny Testaverde, Jimmy Clausen, Brian St. Pierre days.)


I love music – All kinds. From alt rock, R and B, hip hop, and all the way to country (newer development, I blame Covid lockdown). I’m more than happy to talk about the pride I take in my office playlist, as this is one of the main reasons I started a practice of my own. Elevator music or 96.1 just wasn't getting it done for me.

Faith. We attend Hope Church. It’s an amazing church with amazing people.




All this for my family, man, I try my hardest. My wife, Sara, is very involved with our practices and growth, and helps with the biz side so I can spend more time with the fam. Campbell Grace is 9 years old, and Drake is 7. Both stay active in sports year round, and have an innate competitiveness that renders a walk to the car into a full out sprint to see who gets there first. I love my family, and truly strive for a work/life balance that allows me to spend a ton of time with them, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Our friends. I’ve met some amazing people since we’ve moved here, and love checking out new spots around town. I'm fortunate to have friends that also started and own small businesses around town, and as my Dad always preached, "you are the company you keep". In high school I think it was meant as a warning, but I think he's proud when he says it now. They keep me striving to always deliver a top notch product, never settle, and continue to push through complacency to improve in all aspects.

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I'm proud to announce that we have 2 locations in Charlotte now. Our OG practice in Elizabeth, and now we're in Southpark.

 We've brought on an amazing associate, Ian Alvey, and expanded the services we offer. We now place and restore implants, offer SureSmile for clear aligner Orthodontics, and Botox for clenching and grinding jaw related issues.

update 2023:

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smiles over everything